Sydney’s 2050 Clover-geddon | It’s Clover And Out For the City



SYDNEY Lord Mayor Clover Moore is promoting a radical climate change agenda to schoolchildren, which includes “urban cool rooms” to shelter in during the looming “climate emergency” under a wacky dystopian vision of what Sydney will look like in 2050. Cars would also be banished underground, urban farms would feed the city, trains and light rail would be powered by renewables and the city would have no carbon emissions under some of the future scenarios being touted to kids.

The Sydney City Council is drawing up plans to update its 2030 “Sustainable Sydney” strategy with another radical green document containing what critics say is an unrealistic scenario of what the city should look like. And feedback from the classroom sessions reveals the scenarios are so scary the children have become “deeply anxious” about climate change and the future.

…. Tower would not go ahead and expensive public-funded art works would proliferate. Urban task force chief executive Chris Johnson said great cities work at both the local and global level, and the mayor should get out and support the Star Tower proposal. “Clover needs to balance her concerns for local communities with a commitment to Sydney maintaining its status as Australia’s global city,” he said.