Sydney Water

16 February 2011

New developer agreement

Sydney Water is introducing a new “developer works deed”. It says it will provide “greater clarity” about the roles and responsibilities for developers and their accredited providers when building water and wastewater works.

Sydney Water says that there is no change to how developer works are designed and constructed, but roles and responsibilities will clearer for:

  • developers;
  • water servicing coordinators;
  • designers;
  • constructors; and
  • Sydney Water.

The arrangements will apparently “minimise the safety and environment risks when developers build water and wastewater works”.

The documents have been released in a draft form and comments have been invited until 4 March 2011. If there are any matters you think we should raise in a submission, please let us know. More information is here.

Reticulated recycled water systems

We have consistently argued that reticulated recycled water systems are not cost effective and that developers should not be forced to pay for such facilities.

We’re please to say that Sydney Water has now acknowledged that reticulated recycled water systems are not a cost effective means of meeting BASIX requirements in the growth areas of Sydney.

Sydney Water now says it will not building any new recycled water infrastructure in areas of the North West and South West Growth Centres where construction has not commenced. It says the requirement for a dual reticulation system will be removed from BASIX in relation to Alex Avenue, Riverstone, parts of Colebee, parts of Oran park, Turner Road and other precincts in the South West and North West growth centres that have not yet been released.

This is a positive step forward, because while water utility developer charges have been abolished in the Sydney Water and Hunter Water areas generally, they had been retained in the event that a recycled water development servicing plan was introduced. The fact that Sydney Water now recognises that this is not cost effective reduces the likelihood that new recycled water development servicing plans, and new levies, will be made in the future.

Sydney Water says it will, however, continue to provide reticulated recycled water where developer contributions have already been paid. The Sydney Water Fact sheet is here.