Re-opening Roadmap changes welcome – now let’s kick start our planning system – fix the housing supply crisis

Urban Taskforce CEO, Tom Forrest, today welcomed the changes to the re-opening roadmap announced by Premier Perrottet today.

“These changes will be welcomed by businesses, workers and families from South-West and Western Sydney as the easing restrictions, the bringing forward of the opening of schools, the permissibility of larger gatherings and the removal of mask wearing requirements (once we get to 80% double over 16s vaccination) are all significant steps”, Mr Forrest said.

“The construction industry was the first to be completely closed down in July.  As Treasurer, the Premier is on record as having argued against this. He worked hard with his new Deputy, Stuart Ayres, to ensure the industry was re-opened with vaccination protocols in place.  Dominic Perrottet led the way on re-opening the construction sector safely.  It is great to see him taking the same approach as Premier today.

“The construction industry deserves the recognition the Premier has given for leading the way on vaccines.  Our sector will be critical to driving our economy out of the COVID slowdown.

“Now is the time to make significant changes to the planning system to drive approvals sharply up so that increased housing supply can ease the burden on new home buyers and the housing affordability crisis.

“The new Housing SEPP (State Environmental Planning Policy) and the Design and Place SEPP should be delayed for 12 months to allow time to iron out the many policy problems associated with these policy changes. Change to Infrastructure Contributions must be linked to increased housing targets for local government areas (over and above the targets already set).

“Housing supply must become the number one policy agenda of the Department of Planning.

“Changes in these policy areas will enable our sector to drive employment, economic growth and housing supply.

“Today’s announcement makes clear that Dominic Perrottet is a man who listens and acts. Those locked out of the property market because of the under supply of housing are begging for relief. Our sector is ready to go.  The changes to the mask wearing requirements in offices should bring public servants back to their offices quickly.  Re-opening the schools will also help.  Now it’s all about political direction”, Mr Forrest said.

Download PDF version: Here