NSW Planning Minister must support apartments for families: Chris Johnson



Statements by the NSW Planning Minister raising concerns about high rise apartment living for families are misplaced.

NSW Planning Minister, Rob Stokes, has recently raised concerns about both urban sprawl and high density apartments by preferring town houses and terrace houses for families as Sydney grows.

In an article in the Sun-Herald Minister Stokes said ‘We have an ideology in favour of sprawl, which has proven wrong’ and ‘an ideology in favour of high-rise might lead to problems in 50 years’ time’. But many Sydney families are preferring the more co-operative lifestyle of apartment living, where much bigger gardens are shared by a number of families.

The 2016 census demonstrated that 28 per cent of Sydney’s apartments are occupied by families and the apartment market is responding to this trend by providing onsite child care, large gardens and parks, as well as playgrounds that mean children get much bigger and better facilities than the small back garden in a terrace house.

Shared swimming pools are also an asset in apartments while terrace house gardens cannot have space for a pool.

The Urban Taskforce has recently undertaken research on the growing trend towards family living in apartments, and has found many examples of successful lifestyles. The development, The Gallery, by Meriton at Roseberry has a day care centre right next to the front door with a large play area in the internal courtyard.


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