NSW Opposition Leader Takes Cheap Shot At Property Industry

The NSW Leader of the Opposition, Jodie McKay, should focus her efforts on developing policy to stimulate jobs and economic growth and resist taking cheap shots at the property development industry.

The Opposition has called for a “ban for property developers sitting round the Cabinet Table”.

“This is a disappointing announcement that trivialises the important role the property, building and construction sector contributes to the NSW and Australian economy.

“Having strong probity rules is essential for any Cabinet process, but randomly banning segments of our society where those involved have demonstrated no conflict of interest or probity breach is neither necessary nor sensible.

“Banning anyone who has lodged development applications from sitting in Cabinet is simply not practical.

“Just yesterday the Commonwealth announced tax concessions for infrastructure developments with a value over $500 million dollars.  NSW is facing an infrastructure funding shortfall and according to the latest CommSec, NSW has slipped to third in the economic health rankings – behind Tasmania and Victoria.  ABS job statistics now show that NSW lost 36,000 jobs in the past two months.  This is the time for a construction industry stimulus, not cheap stunts via media release.

“Building construction and related services account for one of the largest sectors in NSW.  Property Developers take the risk on developing land into housing for our growing population, for developing commercial and industrial buildings to accommodate jobs and employment and for employing hundreds of thousands of tradies, labourers, engineers, architects, planners and urban designers.  This is real-life experience and should not be casually dismissed in a cheap shot from the NSW Opposition”, Mr Forrest said.

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