NSW Labor’s plan to deliver more housing around metro stations: “smart and sensible” – Media Release

Urban Taskforce CEO, Tom Forrest, today welcomed the commitment from the NSW Labor’s Shadow Planning spokesman, Paul Scully, to deliver more housing on top of or adjoining metro stations.

Given the housing supply crisis we find ourselves in, this approach is both smart and sensible.

Mr Scully has outlined a plan to put housing where there was transport capacity, one of the key recommendations of the NSW Productivity Commission’s White Paper, commissioned by the Premier when he was Treasurer. New housing and employment close to transport boosts productivity and makes Sydney more liveable.

The announcement adds detail to the Opposition’s announcement last that an elected Labor Government would revise existing GCC housing targets to ensure population targets takes into account infrastructure investment and capacity in the urban areas of Sydney.

The new metro rail lines and stations represent a massive outlay of public funds, and it is critical that the Government ensures taxpayers obtain full value from these large investments.


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