Millennials support Higher Density Living – Welcome Home Campaign

The negative impressions about apartment living from politicians and media misunderstand that the next generation wants this life style, says the Urban Taskforce.


“Sydney’s property market, despite recent drops in house prices, has become unaffordable for many younger people who are now preferring apartment living over a detached house.” says Urban Taskforce CEO Chris Johnson. “The Millennials are preferring a smaller place close to amenities, work and public transport over the traditional detached house. This is particularly so if the only affordable houses are located distant from urban centres with extensive commuting times.”


“The average apartment in Sydney is $400,000 cheaper than the average house, so many younger people, including families, are now seeing the benefits of a new type of living where they share large gardens, share swimming pools that they don’t have to maintain and often have child care centres next door.”


“The Urban Taskforce has launched a campaign to support the younger generations living in apartments at a time when some older groups are protesting against the buildings that provide this new life style. We have launched a website, and are targeting younger people to tell us their stories on social media like face book.”


“Much of the media coverage of so called ‘over development’ only covers the concerns of older residents in suburban houses. But the next generation cannot afford the expensive detached houses in inner city areas, so they are adapting their lifestyle to a more cooperative way of living where gardens, swimming pools and gymnasiums are shared. The stories of these younger people enjoying urban living need to be told”.


Our ‘Welcome Home’ campaign profiles the stories of a number of younger people living an urban lifestyle in apartments.


Lauren, a young mum, lives in an apartment in Rosebery with her husband and her child Lucas.


“Some people don’t think that we should raise a child in a unit because we don’t have a garden, but look around here. We have a massive garden and we have a massive pool that I don’t have to look after. I’ve made friends in the block, especially through having the day care downstairs. Lucas has made friends as well with children from other blocks so every Tuesday we alternate whose pool we swim in, which is really, really cool.”

Lauren with her child Lucas

James lives in an apartment in Summer Hill.

“There is a really good community vibe, people care about one another. We have a Facebook group whereby there’s chat, there’s gatherings, there’s barbecues. Someone just posted on our Facebook group ‘Anyone got an iron I could borrow?’. People are here to build a life and to build a community, that’s what I love about it.”

James in his apartment


We are gathering many stories and posts from people who love living in apartments and we will collate these and pass them on to the NSW Minister for Planning, Rob Stokes and to the key people in his department. It is vital that those planning the future shape of Sydney understand that a large number of people want an urban and more cooperative life style that comes from apartment living. We also want to encourage these people to be more active in how they participate in community discussions on the future form of Sydney.

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