Local matters

16 February 2011

The Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority has released a report on the stage 1 Bays Precinct consultation and is seeking comment on draft planning principles developed. This precinct is located on the harbour two kilometres from the CBD and is a 80 hectare site. Submissions close on 31 May 2010. More information is here.

Another supermarket development has been refused in the City of Sydney by the Land and Environment Court. In this case, again, the supermarket was permissible and consistent with the development control plan. Nonetheless, it was refused because of the council’s policy in relation to its retail study, the retail hierarchy and the centres policy of the state government as detailed in the Metropolitan Plan for 2036. The case is here.

Coonamble Shire Council has its draft comprehensive local environmental plan on exhibition until 11 March 2011. The exhibited documents are here.

In December 2010 the NSW Department of Planning released a state significant site study and proposed new zonings and planning controls to facilitate the growth of Frenchs Forest around the future northern beaches hospital. The public exhibition period for this study has been extended by three weeks until 28 February 2011. The Government media release is here.

The Hunter Development Corporation has a new senior management team. Mr Bob Hawes is General Manager and Ms Julie Rich is the Deputy General Manager and Director Urban Renewal. The Government’s media release is here.

The draft Marrickville Local Environmental Plan and draft development control plan are both on public exhibition until Monday 28 February 2011. The draft plans are here.

Nambucca Shire Council has a local environmental plan amendment on exhibition that applies to part of Matthew Street, Scotts Head. The purpose of this proposal is to reduce the floor space ratio applying to land on the seaward side of Matthew Street, Scotts Head from 0.55:1 to 0.4:1. The planning proposal is on exhibition until 11 February 2011 and can be accessed from here. Please contact us if you have any concerns (or interest in) with this proposal.

The North Sydney Draft Local Environmental Plan 2009 and Draft Development Control Plan 2010 have been placed on public exhibition. Submissions close on 3 March 2011. More information is here. Please contact us if there are any matters you think we should raise in a submission.

Parramatta Council has forwarded their draft city wide LEP to the Department of Planning for consideration and final approval by the Minister for Planning. The Council has also made some amendments to their draft DCP and these amendments will be on public exhibition from 2 February 2011 to 4 March 2011. The draft LEP and DCP can be accessed from here.

The Planning Assessment Commission has recently given approval for the construction of three additional buildings that will provide 28 townhouses on the former Channel 7 site at Epping.  The government media release is here.

The Draft Built Environment Plan Stage 2 (BEP 2) for Redfern and Waterloo has been released for comment. The BEP 2 provides the planning controls which will enable redevelopment to provide approximately 7,000 social, affordable and private housing dwellings. The aim is to achieve a mix of 60 per cent private and affordable housing dwellings and 40 per cent social housing. Apparently the BEP 2 provides for significant increases in height and density and approximately 3,500 additional dwellings, many of which will be private homes may be built on what is now public land. The exhibition material is here.

The Planning Assessment Commission has approved a significant apartment development in Warriewood Valley against the wishes of Pittwater Council. The Commission found that the site, situated in the Warriewood Valley, was suited to higher density development greater than suggested by the Council. Furthermore, the Commission was of the view that the area could accommodate more housing, above the housing targets set for Pittwater by the Metropolitan Plan and the draft subregional strategy. This determination of the Commission sets a clear precedent when reconciling conflicting local and state planning strategies. The Comission states that it takes its lead from the state drafted Metropolitan Plan and housing targets and is willing to approve development that is consistent with the state level plans, even if inconsistent with the local council plan. The full report may be accessed from here.