Liverpool mixed-use city centre should be the model for all centres

The announcement by NSW Planning Minister, Anthony Roberts, that the Liverpool city centre has been rezoned for mixed-use is a good model for all centres across Sydney, says the Urban Taskforce.

“American urbanist, Jane Jacobs, championed the need for mixed-use urban centres and the NSW Government is now supporting a similar approach for Liverpool,” says Urban Taskforce CEO, Chris Johnson. “The 25 hectare city centre in Liverpool is now planning to house 10,000 new homes and 22,000 new jobs as a result of the change from commercial only zoning to mixed-use zoning.”

“The Urban Taskforce has been critical of the zoning of strategic centres as outlined in the Greater Sydney Commission’s District Plans that did not support mixed-use zoning but preferred separate zones for housing and for jobs. Most cities in the world are moving away from restrictive single use zoning towards a mixed-use approach that gives incentives to ensure a viable mixture of uses related to market needs. The Liverpool model is following this approach.”

“A similar approach to mixed zoning should be considered for city centres like North Sydney, St Leonards, Chatswood, and Parramatta. Each of these city centres needs the vitalisation that comes from people living, working and shopping in an urban centre. Restaurants will have evening activity from the nearby apartments as well as lunch time activity from office workers.”

“The Urban Taskforce encourages the Greater Sydney Commission and the NSW Department of Planning & Environment to develop planning policies that ensure viable mixed use precincts can flourish across Sydney’s urban centres.”

Download PDF Version: Liverpool mixed-use city centre should be the model for all centres