Jobs for Western Sydney good news

21 March 2014

The announcement by the NSW Government that 3,000 jobs will be relocated to Western Sydney is good news, says the Urban Taskforce.


“Currently 200,000 people travel from Western Sydney every day for work in the Sydney CBD,” says Urban Taskforce CEO, Chris Johnson. “The state government’s relocation of 3,000 public servants to Parramatta, Penrith and Liverpool will help rebalance the city.”


“It is important that the three Sydney regional cities develop as centres of work and living through the encouragement of robust growth in their urban areas. Cleary local government will be partners in supporting growth in each city.”


“The 3,000 relocations should be the beginning of a bigger shift of jobs to the west of the city. The government now needs to give pre-commitments to the private sector development industry so that new office accommodation can be built in the key Western Sydney cities. This will create more construction jobs and demonstrate that there is an optimism about development in the west.”


“The Urban Taskforce believes that the government should determine through surveys just how many public servants currently live in Western Sydney and commute to the Sydney CBD. It is likely that tens of thousands of public servants are commuting from west to east each work day and then back again. This information could lead to far greater numbers of staff being relocated closer to where they live and therefore take pressure of public transport and roads.”


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