International Leaders In Transport Shaping Cities Give Their Report Card On Sydney’s Progress

Experts from Singapore, London, Jerusalem and Melbourne will give their insights into how Sydney is balancing urban growth with new transport initiatives this Friday, says the Urban Taskforce.

“We have assembled international and local experts on how urban planning and new transport initiatives must work together at a half day conference in Sydney on Friday, 1 November.” says Urban Taskforce CEO Chris Johnson. “John McAslan, for instance, is one of the leading architects involved in how rail infrastructure can stimulate new development. He will outline the success of Kings Cross Station in London and the Dublin Transport Hub as examples of how new development follows transport initiatives. John is also involved in designing the renewal of Central Station in Sydney.”

“New South Wales Transport Minister, Andrew Constance, will open the conference with an address outlining achievements in Sydney with infrastructure and how these have influenced where growth is planned.”

“Peter Hyland who runs the Cistri office in Singapore will compare the two 5-million people cities of Sydney and Singapore from the perspective of investment in metro rail, and how long-term plans for growth relate to the rail network. Singapore has a much larger share of commuters using rail rather than cars, and this impacts on the shape of the city in terms of building heights and forms.”

“From Melbourne, Natalie Malligan, the head of Uber Elevate will explain how a radical rethink of movement in cities can come from Uber aerial connections. Melbourne is one of three world cities trialling Uber Elevate where the system will network across Westfield stores in the city. Excellent video presentations will give a glimpse into the future structure of cities.”

“Sydney’s light rail system will get a boost from a presentation by Jerusalem’s Chief Architect, Ofer Manor, on how light rail connects the ancient and newer areas of that city, and how the cosmopolitan character of Jerusalem was enhanced by the new transport network.”

“Furthermore, presentations by Sarah Close on how regional centres can be shaped by transport, as well as Jeheon Son of Lendlease, on examples of above station development around the world, including at the North Sydney metro station, and Sam Sangster will outline how the Western Sydney Airport and Aerotropolis are progressing.”

All speakers are available for interview before or during the conference and we have some interesting flythrough videos that media will have access to.

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