Fix Laws So We Can Grow



The terrible examples of building failure in Sydney over the past seven months have focused the NSW Government and the building industry on the need for more rigour and regulation in the building industry. Most of the examples of building defects have been with residential buildings that range from two-storey terrace houses in Thornleigh, to four-storey apartments in Zetland, to the 10-storey Mascot Tower and the 36-storey Opal Building at Sydney Olympic Park.

So the problems go across a range of building heights and there are a variety of different reasons behind the defects. Zetland is water leakage, Mascot seems to be about water tables, Opal seems to be about the junction of precast and in situ structures. And they have occurred at a variety of times with Opal just after occupation but Mascot Tower and the Zetland project have had their defects nearly 10 years after occupation. Whatever the reasons, we must improve the system of building in NSW and we need to move fast.