The Federal Government’s main role in supporting Australia’s growing cities should be to help fund new metro rail networks, says the Urban Taskforce.


“Recent concerns by NSW Transport Minister, Andrew Constance, that the Federal Government needs to support Sydney’s growing metro rail network must be responded to.” says Urban Taskforce CEO Chris Johnson. “The big game changer in Australia’s cities as they grow is to move away from car dependency towards a ‘turn up and go’ metro rail system with urban density built around the stations.”


“The Federal Government must help the transition of Australia’s cities towards urban living in apartments, located within walking distance of rail and metro stations, by contributing to the cost of metro rail like the proposed Metro West line in Sydney.”


“The big shift happening in cities across the world is towards metro rail networks that support urban development where people live within walking distance of the station and most countries are getting financial support from their national government for this transition.”


“The Urban Taskforce agrees with the call for Federal Government financial support for the Metro West line by Transport Minister Andrew Constance. The Metro West is likely to extend to the new Western Sydney airport, so it is a critical part of Sydney’s infrastructure.”


“The Urban Taskforce conference this Friday, CITIES SHAPED BY TRANSPORT, will be looking at how global cities like Singapore and London are managing the relationship between rapid transit Metro systems and urban development.”


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