Urban Ideas – Sydney In 2040 – 2050, A Network Of Cities

This Urban Ideas magazine is devoted to the visualisation of eight major cities as part of Greater Sydney or nearby. We were approached by the Sunday Telegraph some months ago to see if we could help them present to their readers just what the major cities might look like in the future. The Telegraph intended profiling the cities online and 3D videos would help. This is a pretty big ask when it includes the cities of Parramatta, Sydney, Aerotropolis, Penrith, Liverpool, Campbelltown, Wollongong and Newcastle. The Urban Taskforce worked with 3D modelling company Arterra Interactive and to give a futuristic look to the buildings Sydney architects, LAVA, sent us files of a variety of dynamic buildings. The aim was to show the future could evolve from the mainly square and rectangular buildings of today. We also included significant greenery on the buildings to show how landscape could integrate with taller buildings. The media coverage included print, TV and radio with all cities getting involved in discussions about the look of the future.


At a time in Sydney when there seems to be concerns about new development, we believe that leadership is needed to demonstrate visions for what the future might look like. Importantly, we advocated for the eight cities to be connected by fast rail so they would work as a networked series of economic nodes. With fast connectivity, each node can achieve maximum number of jobs, as well as being interconnected to the rest of the urban system. We also proposed that the benefit of robust development in the city centres would be to protect the vast amount of low rise suburbs across Greater Sydney.


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