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14 October 2013

The Urban Taskforce has consistently argued that for development to occur there is an urgent need for planning authorities to acknowledge that the development industry must be provided with a planning system that will support the delivery of housing that responds to market demand. Lackluster development performance has been the result of inflexible and/or inappropriate planning controls in a number of locations in the Growth Centres and also infill locations within the Sydney Metropolitan Region.

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13 September 2013

Our primary concern with the major development assessment process comes from the fact that Australia has a number of pieces of State and Commonwealth legislation that control development while aiming to protect the environment. It is encouraging that the Commission's draft report highlights the problems with a duplicative assessment system and recommends changes consistent with those suggested by the Urban Taskforce.

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17 January 2010

Fundamentally, the Urban Taskforce has a simple position on the matter of donations to political parties.  We have had the same position for more than five years: we advocate a complete national blanket ban on political party donations from anyone — corporations or individuals, developers, lawyers, doctors, trade unions, miners, tobacco companies or environmentalists.